​Are you tired of your ugly spider veins? Are you embarrassed to show your legs and feet?

If you like your legs look healthy and beautiful like before. We can help you two different ways. We offer Sclerotherapy which is an injection of a solution directly into your veins and/or Laser vein treatment. Unfortunately , both procedures considered cosmetic in nature and they are not covered by any insurance plans. But good news is we have specials for you. If you mention this specials when you call to make appointment you can save lots of money.

***** Specials for Month of  October *****

Sclerotherapy ( Spider Veins Treatment )   $ 200 for one(1) syringe of Asclera (Reg $500)

​                                                                                $ 360 for two(2) syringes of Asclera (Reg $1000)

​Laser Spider vein Treatment     $ 250 for up to 30 Mins treatment ( Reg $600)

                                                              $ 450 for up to 60 mins treatment ( Reg $1200)

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment     one(1) treatment $ 500 for both feet  (Reg $1000)

                                                           two(2) treatments $950 for both feet (Reg $2000)

                                                           three(3) treatments $1300 for both feet (Reg $3000)

​​Look & Feel Your Best

​we can help you to be your best